Wednesday, 31 August 2011


BSI 2 is coming along at a nice pace and we are working out the time table to get all the books out on a regular basis. Breakdowns for the pages are coming together and will have some finished pages in the near future to show. The logistics of getting issues zero and one out was a learning process. We tried many ways to get the artwork back and forward to eachother and then the process of getting to the printed page was proving to be expensive.

The artwork is looking great as you can see from the rough for the cover and i am looking forward to inking the pages. I will post panels from the the preview and zero to show the process.

some very loose sketches of BSI

I am putting together some sketches that will be finished pieces by the time Cardiff comes along, i know that there are some errors in the sketches and they will be ironed out by the time they are finished, I am working on some breakdowns for the next BSI series and will post them when i gather a group together. I am practising my take on the group let me know what you think, when finished they will be for sale.....a reasonable price of course.

Monday, 22 August 2011

BSI 2 cover

Here we have the first rough of the cover for the second issue. It looks great. we are trying to keep a consistency to the covers over the coming issues so that it is instantly recognisable as a BSI book. thats the great thing about computers you can look at it and rejig it where necessary. I might ink this one and then keep it to maybe sell if anyone is interested.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Have seen the rough cover to BSI 2 and it is looking great, I am sure there will be some changes but when it is finished I will post it. Pages are moving apace and I will be posting some pinups as tasters for the upcoming London, Ealing at the Ramada and they will be for sale. Have a great time to all going to the Birmingham Con, won't be able to go myself unfortunately.

All our efforts are being spent getting ready for September Ealing and then Cardiff 2012 and to have a few more issues completed, shake the tree to get the title more noticed out there in the big bad world of comic books readership.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Pages moving ahead, we will be in London in Sept, please come over say hello to us, have a chat and of course pick up an issue of BSI. We will be signing and if your lucky we will sketch something. Looking forward to seeing friends and making new friends. Drop us a line if you are going. The Thumb is definitely on the mend and Dave is sketching a bit more freely. We will have some new things at London in the form of panels and pages from the forthcoming issues and some concepts.