Wednesday, 21 December 2011

BSI 2 progress

The idea of putting a book together and try to sell to the general public is a daunting thing . The technical side involving the cover, interior art design, lettering and deadlines all bring about  different stresses. This BSI issue has been no different. With Dave doing the lion's share of the work to get the book finished to a high quality and on time has been a greater chore for him than we had in mind at the start when we set about getting this issue finished. If i didn't believe in conspiracy theories before this I do now, everything that could have went wrong did. However with great deal of gnashing of teeth and sacrificing a few anaimals Dave was able to pull the rabbit out of tha hat to get the second issue ready for Cardiff. Dave has a holiday planned for the new year and he thoroughly deserves the break.

We have agreed to shorten this BSI storyline in issues and will collect them for 2013, there will then be a special and then a second story line.

All the other titles planned through Corvus Press will filter out over the coming year. Look out for further info on the blog and facebook in the coming weeks and months. They are all looking really great. It remains our plan to publish a wide range of titles with a wide range of talent. Each book will have their own identity. They will be a mixture of comic book art and text with illustrations.

We have links to the other people involved on the blog page so please visit their sites.

I will upload the cover for BSI 2 when it is finished and will show the process of scrpt to final page. We are confident that this issue will be as succesful as the first.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

BSI issue two

Issue two is almost ready to go to the printers, lettering and little bits and peices to complete. It is looking great. I will post some of the pages to show the stages each page evolves thru. Looking forward to Cardiff.

Cover is currently being coloured by Kirsty Swan,, i will post that when it is back.

Another shot of the villain, art by Dave Morris and inked by my good self

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Premise of BSI


With Cardiff on the horizon Dave and I have decided to relaunch BSI. So to help the process along I am posting the back ground to BSI with individual character outlines and sketch designs. This will give the new readers who haven't picked up the Preview Issue and Issue 0 the chance to get an understanding of the characters and the premise behind the book. For those readers already established Issue 2 is well under way and I will be posting snippets of that issue in the coming weeks, it will be available at Cardiff. Let me know what you think by posting on the blog or sending mesages to the email address, also don't forget to visit the website

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Another concept sketch for the russian a character appearing in th next series of BSI

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


BSI 2 is coming along at a nice pace and we are working out the time table to get all the books out on a regular basis. Breakdowns for the pages are coming together and will have some finished pages in the near future to show. The logistics of getting issues zero and one out was a learning process. We tried many ways to get the artwork back and forward to eachother and then the process of getting to the printed page was proving to be expensive.

The artwork is looking great as you can see from the rough for the cover and i am looking forward to inking the pages. I will post panels from the the preview and zero to show the process.

some very loose sketches of BSI

I am putting together some sketches that will be finished pieces by the time Cardiff comes along, i know that there are some errors in the sketches and they will be ironed out by the time they are finished, I am working on some breakdowns for the next BSI series and will post them when i gather a group together. I am practising my take on the group let me know what you think, when finished they will be for sale.....a reasonable price of course.

Monday, 22 August 2011

BSI 2 cover

Here we have the first rough of the cover for the second issue. It looks great. we are trying to keep a consistency to the covers over the coming issues so that it is instantly recognisable as a BSI book. thats the great thing about computers you can look at it and rejig it where necessary. I might ink this one and then keep it to maybe sell if anyone is interested.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Have seen the rough cover to BSI 2 and it is looking great, I am sure there will be some changes but when it is finished I will post it. Pages are moving apace and I will be posting some pinups as tasters for the upcoming London, Ealing at the Ramada and they will be for sale. Have a great time to all going to the Birmingham Con, won't be able to go myself unfortunately.

All our efforts are being spent getting ready for September Ealing and then Cardiff 2012 and to have a few more issues completed, shake the tree to get the title more noticed out there in the big bad world of comic books readership.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Pages moving ahead, we will be in London in Sept, please come over say hello to us, have a chat and of course pick up an issue of BSI. We will be signing and if your lucky we will sketch something. Looking forward to seeing friends and making new friends. Drop us a line if you are going. The Thumb is definitely on the mend and Dave is sketching a bit more freely. We will have some new things at London in the form of panels and pages from the forthcoming issues and some concepts.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dee for Detective and BSI

Have included another couple of pages for Dee for Detective coloured up by Kirtsy Swan for your enjoyment, drop a line on what you think. Dave's thumb in on the mend and he is slowly easing into working on the second issue of BSI. Unfortunately we are looking at a delay for all the proposed titles, the upside of a defective digit is that storylines are being polished up for the next BSI story block and a new title called 'Victoriana' from Tim Hart.

As for our flagship title, BSI, they will be up against it in this story line, then put through the ringer in the next story line before a complete wrecker ahead of that.

Being new to this I am seeing the possibilities of what can be done with characters, placing them in experiences that can be used to bring about a test of emotions and foundational thinking within a varied group of individuals from different generations and very different backgrounds. This have given us a very rich vein of characterisation to work from and exploit. We have other titles in the planning, past storylines that are being rejigged. Corvus Press will bring fresh storys and characters to the playing field and hopefully more importantly find a readership.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Have put in a couple more pics of Dee For Detective which has slowed somewhat because of a disagreeable thumb despite intensive encouragement to work, as before drawings are by david morris and inks by my goodself. let us know what you think

With the slew of superhero movies arriving what are peoples view on them so far, they certainly havent lit the boxoffice alight but for me i have enjoyed them and i am particularly looking forward to the captain america movie and has an avengers teaser attached to the credits.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Watched the X-Men and really enjoyed it, Matthew Vaughn gave it the edge it needed.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


work on the coming books are moving along nicely and i will be posting some pics soon on with some pin ups etc let me know what you think. had a great time at Bristol. Drop a line to the blog how the show went for you

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bristol Con

Had a fantastic time and we sold out of BSI Issue 1 and the previews of Dee and the Raggedy Man. Let me know how you all got on. Here are a few pics of the event. Thanks to everyone for supporting Corvus Press UK and look forward to getting BSI 2 out soon

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bristol Expo

Heading off tomorrow or as I writing this later this morning to the Expo, looking forward to it and meeting up with old and hopefully new friends. Make sure and call over at the table at the Ramada and take a look at the BSI Issue 1 and the preview of Dee for Detective and the Raggedy Man., see you all there

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bristol Expo 2011

Well a week to go and it is building up to be another great show, here are a few pics from previous shows just to get into the zone. if you are planning to go come over and say hi

Friday, 6 May 2011

Raggedy Man

Heres the cover to the preview of The Raggedy Man, see it at the Bristol Expo, artwork by David Morris and writing by G M Jordan

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dee For Dectective

 The excitement builds towards Bristol and I am really looking forward to it. So as a starter here is the cover to the preview book for Dee, call over and you never know if you buy the first isuue of BSI then you might get a copy of DEE and Raggedy Man as an add on, I will post the cover for Raggedy Man (which is a great cover by the way) both covers are designed and drawn by David Morris.

Friday, 29 April 2011


Well two weeks to go to the Bristol Con and the preview of Raggedy Man and Dee for Detective is at press, I will post a couple of new images in the coming days, and of course the first issue of Baker Street Irregulars will be available. Look us up at the Ramada.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Went to see Thor last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, good action and good dialogue, if anyone else has seen it let me know how you found it

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Two more panels for the  preview issue coming to Bristol with the 1st issue Of BSI

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bristol Expo

Building nicely towards the Bristol Expo and really looking forward to it, especially reaquainting with friends and the professionals I have met over the years. Corvus Press will attending at the Ramada with the previews of Dee for Dectective and the Raggedy Man on show.  There will also  our flagship book issue 1 of the Baker Street Irregulars. Call over at the table and introduce yourself and have a look and a chat and of course buy the book

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The first pic of Dee for Dectective Designed by David Morris and inked by me

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dee and Raggedy

currently inking some pencils for both, mainly design work, with permission from the source of course i will try and post


Off topic, went to see Jacobi's Lear last night and he was magnificent, even more impressive was the intensity and range with which he acted and the fact that he does this every night. it is a lesson in acting to the new upstarts and also that he still has it.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bristol Expo

Looking forward to Bristol now where we will have previews of two further titlles on show, Dee  for Dectective and the Raggedy man, both exciting books consisting of action and darkness in their story lines. We will try to get some design pages or sneek previews of the pages on the blog in the coming weeks.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Cardiff Expo

Thanks to everyone who attended the Expo and made it a great success, the organisers and the attendees who made a great effort to dress up a have a fun day. Thanks to those who stopped at the Corvus Press stand to chat and special thanks to those who bought the Baker Street Irregulars and in turn gave us a successful day as well.

Once again had a great day and thanks to everyone

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cardiff Expo 2011

Mercure Holland House Hotel
Sat 26th Feb 2011
EXPO OPEN OPEN 10am - 6pm

Come and see us at the Cardiff Expo drop by and say hello

Baker Street Irregulars

WHO ARE WE?Corvus Press is a new independent  publisher of British comics and graphic novels. Our initial aim is to produce limited series, with story arcs running between 4 to 6 issues in length and occassional specials. They will be released in individual comics initially and then collected in graphic novel format when the story arc is completed.

Our first series will be launched at Cardiff Comic Expo on 26th February 2011.
SOE: “The Baker Street Irregulars”. Tasked to deal with the events the ordinary security services aren’t able to handle. For John Drake and the Irregulars, alien incursion and the paranormal are all in a day’s work.  However, when the bodies of an isolated community on the south west coast of England are discovered in the local church a chilling fact becomes clear. Something far darker and sinister has begun manifest in the British Isles.
This will be followed by:
Dee for Detective.His name is Dee.. John Dee. Yes the original 007, 16th Century spy, sleuth and sorcerer will starring in his own comic and the Elizabethan Age will never be 
the same! Launching  at Bristol International Comic Expo in May 2011.