Friday, 30 November 2012


I was delighted at the last Cardiff Comic Convention to come across the graphic version of The Scarifyers, a comic treat that I had thought only existed within the confines of my wireless set(What century were you born in? Ed.). I had long enjoyed the exploits of Detective Inspector Lionheart and Professor Dunning's fight against the evil that walks the world. Sterling (and very funny-Ed) stuff. You can find the wireless dramas and the graphic here: .

What impressed me about the graphic was the seamless way the characters, their humour and the bizarre world of 1936's Blighty has been brought to the page by Simon Gurr, the boy done good in deed. Initially, here in the rookery, there was talk that this wonderfully bonkers world would not translate to the page, boy were we wrong.

There is more than a touch of the grand vision of David Lean here. Gurr does a sterling job of making each frame come alive. I especially was taken with the creepy pathologist. Normally I do not like to have the image of people on the wireless disturbed by seeing the face behind the voice (except when it's Charlotte Green-Ed) but Gurr has made each face fit the voice.

There is more here than a simple transfer of a script from one medium to another. The story is economically told and move along a a brisk clip, but does not loose the humour that made the original such a treat.

So it's hats off to the clever people at Comic Hobo for bringing the work of Mr. Bard and Mr. Gurr to us all.  Thanks chaps.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


We are blessed to be living in a time when God’s Word is being made manifest all around us. We can see it in the Re-Balancing of His World, we can see it as our forces prevail over the Dragon Empire and we can see it in the adapted animals that are helping create God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Did you know that it was while fasting that the Sainted Darwin was touched by the Hand of God and given the inspiration that allowed him to write The Future of Species? Back in 1830 when it was first published Saintly Darwin and his God Given Vision was the catalyst that inspired the great men of science as they began to adapt the animal and plant kingdom to hasten God’s Kingdom on Earth. Why it was only ten years later that Gregor Mendel, a middle European refugee, created the paper plant. As you know the plant can, with the correct amount of nutrients and water, produce up to a ream of paper a month.

Once Mendel had unveiled his triumph the following twenty years saw a flood of animals transformed into the useful creatures we see every day and take for granted. Who stops to think about the hours of ceaseless toil that went into the adaption of the horse so that it could pull the tram you take to work each day?
In our hurrying world it is easy to fall into The Sin of Complacency and take the fish on our plate every Friday for granted. We need to stop and reflect on the work of the cormorant man, the man who is out on the seas in all weather guiding his flock of cormorants to the richest shoals, harvesting the fish from their pouches far at sea so that we may eat it on a Friday. Do you stop to think of the dockers and their adapted gorillas, who move the fish from the ship to the waiting horse lorries, or the long miles that the horses walk to bring you that very fish?

We take the adaption of animals for granted, we should not, such adaptions are what has made The Church great, it is what has allowed us to dismantle the Heretical Machinery that held the Dissolute Tories in thrall, and it has forestalled the earth’s temperature from rising and destroying all The Works of the Lord.

There was only one type of animal that The Sainted Charles forbade us from adapting – Insects. Even at the outset of adaption The Sainted Charles could see the danger in attempting to alter insects, and he forbade us to do so, save we unleash an uncontrollable mutation. Mammal’s lives are longer than the lives of insects and are slower to reproduce, as the adaptions are carried out on a cellular level the Saintly Darwin saw The Potential For Sin; that the insects would continue to mutate and change into something beyond our control, and so forbade such endeavours.

Let us look at a typical adaption, who does not love the Elephant Fire Fighters we see around the city? It is not uncommon for people to cheer as these leviathans race to the scene of a conflagration through the city streets, but have you ever stopped to think about the planning that has gone into their design?

Water is heavy, it weighs one pound per pint, so when you see a mighty Fire Fighter extinguishing a fire with his mighty stream of water, have you ever stopped to consider the complexity of the adaption? The musculoskeletal structure of the elephant must be made stronger so that he can carry such a weight of water on his back as is effective in quenching a fire. The very shape of the animal must be altered to accommodate the water reservoir, and extra muscles added to control and maintain the jet of water. The lungs must be adapted to provide the power to push the water out of the trunk and as the elephant will have a stream of water being forced from its trunk a new set of nostrils had to be provided so that the creature could continue to breathe. There is also the psychological treatment that the animal requires so that it is no longer afraid of the conflagration.

The first elephant was successfully adapted in 1855, since that time The Church’s Adaptors have worked tirelessly to Bring About The Re-Balance. They have adapted over one hundred and fifty animal species and nearly twice as many plants into The Service of The Lord. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I never knew what I was letting myself in for.

First you start writing a comic, it seems easy (it isn’t) then you proceed to find an artist (surprisingly difficult, but things all come together.) and a publisher (God smiles and shows you your Dad’s friends).

Okay, all done?

No, no you’re not. This, my dear reader is only the beginning. So one Sunday afternoon in a meeting dressed like a Victorian serial killer you’re in discussions with your editor at one of the biggest comic conventions in the UK. As you talk, the seed of an idea starts to evolve about promotion. And the Victoriana live action trailer was born.

Well the start at least, first you need these things (in no particular order).

1) Props and costume: Victorian/Steampunk era. Not massively available, but have a guy who makes this stuff for hobby (or me as he’s better known) and you’re well away. Goggles are essential to the era. Let no one tell you different. Otherwise you’re just eccentric.

2) Crew: Have people who you trust to work with you as part of a team. Friends are good for this as you will all tend to think alike. Especially when Cthulhu crotch is involved. Trust is essential.

3) Gear: Befriend people who have this. It makes life a lot easier. Especially being friends with film students.

4) Admin: You want to film in a town or city? Then you get permission and deal with the paperwork.

5) Script: This is handy, otherwise you’re on improvisation, and that doesn’t always end well. Oh yes, and prepare for it to go through many drafts. As the old adage goes ‘You end up losing the bit you love’. Thankfully it was not the case this time…

So after gathering costumes, confirming filming dates and gathering cast & crew, you can start. Well nearly, first you have to confirm the locations. You can go far in life with polite communication and an offer of a donation to charity.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


The third lucky owner of a sketch.

Here are the last few photos of last weekend.

Next it's Plymouth!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


As you will know last weekend we flew the nest and set up shop at the Cardiff Comic Expo. As usual we had a boss time and were knocked out by the friendliness and enthusiasm of all those people who came along to the table to talk to us. Thank you all for a great day.

The panel I took part in was fun as well and I nearly sounded like I knew what I was talking about. Thanks to Steve for the invite. Below are the photos I took. Hope you enjoy.

The lucky first customer and his free sketch

The second discerning customer

CO2 the choice of all cool characters

I am going to do a second post on Sunday of all the rest of the photos. until then...