Saturday, 19 February 2011

Baker Street Irregulars

WHO ARE WE?Corvus Press is a new independent  publisher of British comics and graphic novels. Our initial aim is to produce limited series, with story arcs running between 4 to 6 issues in length and occassional specials. They will be released in individual comics initially and then collected in graphic novel format when the story arc is completed.

Our first series will be launched at Cardiff Comic Expo on 26th February 2011.
SOE: “The Baker Street Irregulars”. Tasked to deal with the events the ordinary security services aren’t able to handle. For John Drake and the Irregulars, alien incursion and the paranormal are all in a day’s work.  However, when the bodies of an isolated community on the south west coast of England are discovered in the local church a chilling fact becomes clear. Something far darker and sinister has begun manifest in the British Isles.
This will be followed by:
Dee for Detective.His name is Dee.. John Dee. Yes the original 007, 16th Century spy, sleuth and sorcerer will starring in his own comic and the Elizabethan Age will never be 
the same! Launching  at Bristol International Comic Expo in May 2011.

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