Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dee for Detective and BSI

Have included another couple of pages for Dee for Detective coloured up by Kirtsy Swan for your enjoyment, drop a line on what you think. Dave's thumb in on the mend and he is slowly easing into working on the second issue of BSI. Unfortunately we are looking at a delay for all the proposed titles, the upside of a defective digit is that storylines are being polished up for the next BSI story block and a new title called 'Victoriana' from Tim Hart.

As for our flagship title, BSI, they will be up against it in this story line, then put through the ringer in the next story line before a complete wrecker ahead of that.

Being new to this I am seeing the possibilities of what can be done with characters, placing them in experiences that can be used to bring about a test of emotions and foundational thinking within a varied group of individuals from different generations and very different backgrounds. This have given us a very rich vein of characterisation to work from and exploit. We have other titles in the planning, past storylines that are being rejigged. Corvus Press will bring fresh storys and characters to the playing field and hopefully more importantly find a readership.

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