Wednesday, 21 December 2011

BSI 2 progress

The idea of putting a book together and try to sell to the general public is a daunting thing . The technical side involving the cover, interior art design, lettering and deadlines all bring about  different stresses. This BSI issue has been no different. With Dave doing the lion's share of the work to get the book finished to a high quality and on time has been a greater chore for him than we had in mind at the start when we set about getting this issue finished. If i didn't believe in conspiracy theories before this I do now, everything that could have went wrong did. However with great deal of gnashing of teeth and sacrificing a few anaimals Dave was able to pull the rabbit out of tha hat to get the second issue ready for Cardiff. Dave has a holiday planned for the new year and he thoroughly deserves the break.

We have agreed to shorten this BSI storyline in issues and will collect them for 2013, there will then be a special and then a second story line.

All the other titles planned through Corvus Press will filter out over the coming year. Look out for further info on the blog and facebook in the coming weeks and months. They are all looking really great. It remains our plan to publish a wide range of titles with a wide range of talent. Each book will have their own identity. They will be a mixture of comic book art and text with illustrations.

We have links to the other people involved on the blog page so please visit their sites.

I will upload the cover for BSI 2 when it is finished and will show the process of scrpt to final page. We are confident that this issue will be as succesful as the first.

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  1. I agree, putting an issue together is very hard work. Good luck.