Thursday, 12 April 2012


This week I am interviewing the talented Kirsty Swan. Kirsty is a woman of many talents. Not only is she, amongst many other jobs, the Corvus colourist, but she is in the process of creating an exciting new series for Corvus, Reputations, but more of that later. You can check out Kirsty’s art work on her website: . I especially like her work on the Baker Street Irregulars, you can find it on the blog.
 Tell us how you got started in the business?

Well I guess I was drawing cartoon characters from a young age then started creating my own stories and characters when I was about twelve. I later completed a graphic design qualification and then a HND in sequential illustration (comic and storyboard illustration). I carried on drawing for myself and also did some small press work for Reynard City and From The Tomb. From there I started doing some colouring work for Bluewater, Moonstone Press, Markosia, Titan books, Strip magazine, Z studios, Corvus press and others.

Who are your influences?

Mostly Laura Martin, Jan Duursema, Brad Anderson, Jae Lee, and Richard Isanove, although I have many others.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm currently working on Devil Dealers for Markosia, Velica for Z studios, Black Dragon for Strip magazine and my book 'Reputations' for Corvus. Reputations is still a working title at this moment so may changed.

What is coming up?

I never know, I just have to hope something does come up.....

Character or plot which comes first?

Hmmm the chicken or the egg? I generally find the plot and characters are intertwined though in the case of Reputations, Xavier and Sophire did come first.

In the film of your life who would play you?

Is there a ferret available??

I knew that last question was silly! Thanks Kirsty.
I would urge you to get over to have a look at Kirsty’s blog: There is much of interest to read and look at. I especially found her description of how she colours a page fascinating.
In the coming months we’ll be previewing the artwork for Reputations, and having read the first issue I can tell you it has both an intriguing storyline and is peopled by some memorable characters. 


  1. A black swan! we have those here :)

  2. But do your colour as well as Kirsty! If your black swans write, draw and colour their own stories then tell them to send us the drafts!