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I thought this week I would return to the world of CO2 and share some of the background material about the world. The following was originally written for the Preview book but due to space constraints it was not possible to include it.
The information takes the form of a gazetteer of the world and is the sort of book that every school child would have had, every school child under the benevolent rule of The Church of the Holy Footprint that is.
This is the most Holy Land on the planet. Jesus visited before beginning his blessed ministry, he travelled here with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, who was a trader in tin. Jesus undertook a pilgrimage to Glastonbury and after negotiating the maze preached to the wild heathens on the top of the Tor.
For many years Albion was ruled by the corrupt and unholy cabal of self interest that we know as The Tory Misrule. Thankfully the good people of Albion rose up and threw off the yoke of downpression, casting the foul Tories out of power and showing them true compassion that they had denied to all their victims when in power. Only the degenerate Arthur Wellesley, the last Tory despot was hung. The rest of the miserable, Godless, Tory rabble was relocated to the first re-education camp in Catford, where they were assisted to reflect on their crimes against humanity and God.  
The Isles of Albion were named after the William Blake poem, the Isles of Albion has had many names over the years, including, England, the United Kingdom and Britannia. It is now the headquarters of the Church, with Glastonbury as its spiritual axis.
Since 1873 the public has been forbidden access to the Holy Tor but a facsimile was opened in 1876 in Essex. This has become the biggest religious attraction in the world.  
A small island that is a neutral state linked to the Church by treaty (see Bowring Treaty). Sonar is the major port in the region and the people of Bali are loyal supporters of the work of the Church against the Jihadists. Many Balinese work for the Church.
Bali is famous for its cloth and carvings. It is the home of gamelan (see entry), a popular form of music across the Church lands. Master gamelan musicians regularly tour the world.
Catalan Confederacy
Originally founded by the Romans, Barcelona was the capital of the Catalan Confederacy. Long time allies of Albion, the Confederacy was amicably absorbed into the body of the Church in 1899. One of the chief manufacturing centres of the Church, Barcelona is a thriving city of approximately one million souls. It is also the transport hub for the Mediterranean canton. It is reputed that Barcelona is the most beautiful city in the world.
Like the rest of the Iberian Peninsula Catalonia was overrun by the armies of treacherous Kings of Castile (see entry). This downpression lasted for 250 years, during which the Catalan people refused to be absorbed into the Castilian Kingdom and retained their individual identity, in the face of considerable hardship and persecution.
Aided by one of the last corrupt Tory governments the people of Catalonia overthrew the Castilian dictatorship, marching into Madrid on the 9th September 1743. Bloody Isabella, the last Castilian tyrant died in the fire that burned the Royal palace to the ground, this appears to have been started by the defenders themselves and has long been held up as defining example of Castilian arrogance, in that they would rather perish in flames before reaching a compromise. Madrid was subsequently abandoned and the whole plateau Balanced.
Having liberated the whole of the Castilian dictatorship, the victorious Catalan forces, aided by English advisors, then liberated the Catalan speaking peoples of France, at that time in the chaos of a revolution, eventually the Catalan Confederacy covered three quarters of France as well as all of the Iberian Peninsula, save for the Portuguese Protectorate.
Barcelona and the surrounding area is one of the workshops of the world and Catalan scientists have long contributed to the effectiveness of the Church. By the end of the nineteenth century it was amicably absorbed into the Church.
Catalonia is famous for its airship building skills, and it was Catalan scientists who responded to the challenge of the bioethanol engines and the one man fliers of the Dragon Empire, adapting the basic design to the needs of the church.
Indian Sub-Continent
Such the time of the John Company (see entry) the collection of diverse states and kingdoms that make up the subcontinent have been allies of first the English and since the Glorious Revolution of 1807 the Church. Naturally industrious and good organisers many Indians have become administrators across the globe and they are universally regarded as great traders.
The population of the subcontinent has doubled in the last hundred years but this has been ameliorated by emigration.
The Inuit peoples of the far frozen north lands are a loose collection of culturally similar peoples. They have been under the guardianship of the Church since its formation. Prior to this they were exploited by the French (see entry) during which time their number fell, since then, however the population has increased to what it is thought to have been before European first contact.

That will have to do for this week. There will be more next week. Write and tell me what you think of the world of CO2, would you like to live there?

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