Thursday, 19 July 2012


Those clever people at Time Bomb Comics ( have produced another fantastic novel, London Calling, ok it was published in 2010 and I am a little tardy in reviewing it, but it is brilliant. Written by Stephen Walsh with art by Keith Page, London Calling is a multi-reality romp, which works on so many levels and is not afraid to play with the readers expectations. The layers of reality peel away like the skins of an onion.

There are many references to post-war British culture, I read it three times before I felt I had the measure of the story. Among my favourites was, in the background of a frame the image of the Drifters-that’s The Shadows before they made it big. The text abounds with these little details. It is a joy.

The art work matches the cleverness of the text and makes the jumps in the fabric of reality more believable by presenting realistic variations on London. This is a quality graphic novel.

London Calling presents a number of possible futures and probable pasts, it expects the reader to keep up with the reality shifts while it throws a generous dose of walk-on appearances by famous and fictional characters into the mix. This is superb tale telling. I only have one question: When’s the next one out?

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