Thursday, 25 October 2012


What a good day, what an enjoyable convention, what a good time had by all. If you were not there then you were square. 

It was good to run into people we knew and to meet such a group of creative people.

Three cool attendees.
I love the hand knitted Batman cardigan.
The stylish and mega-talented Jennie Gyllblad

I think for me the only downside of the whole day was the conclusion of the panel on the future of space travel that we shall not be in space in the foreseeable future. I was saying this to my daughter and see replied to the effect that my attachment to space was more to do with when I grew up and the Moon Landings. (Here we go again, bleating on about the lack of jet packs and holidays on Mars, get over it, Dan dared but Nasa didn't-Ed)

The Future of Steampunk panel was especially interesting. A lively debate among contrasting viewpoints. book your ticket for next year, you have been told.

Next weekend we are back in Cardiff, the cultural heartland of Wales. See you there.

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