Friday, 12 October 2012


I am a day late this week, having flown the rookery for foreign climes. In Creixell, Catalunya I came across this rather interesting piece of graffitti emblazoned on a railway bridge support. I assume that out there in the wilds of Catalunya is an artist whose tag is CO2, thank you for the unknown endorsement. It's a well known around the rookery that there are many such connections around humans-the trick is seeing them, usually we walk around with our eyes closed. As a great man said: "You live your life as if it's real" (At last! You have moved on from the Incredible String Band as a source of quotes - Ed).

The good news of the week though is the post about Corvus over at Speech Bubble (, a blog about comics that is connected to the Birmingham Mail. Thanks Paul for the generous write up. It is worth a gander as Paul managed to get our most taciturn artist to be almost loquacious. I could do with a few tips on how to get him to spill the beans (I suggest plying him with Woodforde's Nelson's Revenenge, it usually does the trick- Ed). David also provided some beautiful art work from CO2 which is worth a look by itself.

Next weekend, the 20th October, we are proud to be at the BristolCon 2012 ( The guests include John Meaney, Gareth L. Powell, Ann Sudworth and Colin Harvey. I believe there are still tickets on sale, so get one and I'll see you there.

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