Thursday, 6 December 2012


Well good people out there, here is the cover of our latest publication. The Jowler will be out before Christmas and it's just the ticket for your post festivity reading. The Jowler is a departure for us here in the rookery because not only is it a superb steam punk who dun it with more than a twist of time travel paradox thrown in, it is the first novel we have produced!

The bloke in front on the cover is Captain James Owen, late of His Majesties Cheshire Regiment and now in the employ of the Special Investigations Department, a government organisation set up by Charles Fort to investigate the unexplainable. And what a task he has to unravel this time. With the aid of Henry Wilkinson, Fort's genius prodigy, Captain Owen must solve the mystery of a man found drowned in a paving slab in a Somersetshire mill town.

I've read the book and it is a page turner. More information will follow in the next few weeks, stay tuned for more exciting news.

We are at the Plymouth Comic Expo this Sunday. Why not come down and see us? The first person to buy a copy of all our publications will receive a free sketch by our own tame artist! (Steady on, he's not that tame, why do you think we keep him in the attic? Ed) We'll be posting the photographs next week.

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