Friday, 30 November 2012


I was delighted at the last Cardiff Comic Convention to come across the graphic version of The Scarifyers, a comic treat that I had thought only existed within the confines of my wireless set(What century were you born in? Ed.). I had long enjoyed the exploits of Detective Inspector Lionheart and Professor Dunning's fight against the evil that walks the world. Sterling (and very funny-Ed) stuff. You can find the wireless dramas and the graphic here: .

What impressed me about the graphic was the seamless way the characters, their humour and the bizarre world of 1936's Blighty has been brought to the page by Simon Gurr, the boy done good in deed. Initially, here in the rookery, there was talk that this wonderfully bonkers world would not translate to the page, boy were we wrong.

There is more than a touch of the grand vision of David Lean here. Gurr does a sterling job of making each frame come alive. I especially was taken with the creepy pathologist. Normally I do not like to have the image of people on the wireless disturbed by seeing the face behind the voice (except when it's Charlotte Green-Ed) but Gurr has made each face fit the voice.

There is more here than a simple transfer of a script from one medium to another. The story is economically told and move along a a brisk clip, but does not loose the humour that made the original such a treat.

So it's hats off to the clever people at Comic Hobo for bringing the work of Mr. Bard and Mr. Gurr to us all.  Thanks chaps.

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