Thursday, 31 May 2012


This week it is my great pleasure to be interviewing the latest addition to the House of Corvus, the prodigiously talented and charming Georgina Greves. Those of you who have been  wise enough to get hold of a copy of Victoriana will know what I mean, here ideas explode from every frame of the book. George was recruited by our steampunk whizz kid, Tim Hart, to render his script into the thing of beauty that is Victoriana. But enough from me let's hear some words of wisdom from the artist herself.

1. Tell us how you made the wold of Victoriana come alive:

Victoriana is Tim's brainchild, but I love the steampunk genre! There's a lot of extr thought that goes into creating the "weird era" that is the world of Victoriana. Things like the steam powered machinery and small bits of technology are complex but fun to design. I used to make and modify things to make them steampunk- one of my favourites was a steampunk pencil and a matching steampunk setchbook!

2. Who are your influences?

I grew up reading all types of comics and still play far too many video games, so I have a very graphic style. I love the work of Sean Gordon Murphy - his ink lines have so much character! And Zack Gorman, his games based comics always crack me up! There are so  many other things and people that influence me but those are the most current.

3. How did you and Tim find each other?

I'm pretty inexperienced as far as drawing comics professionally goes. Someone had posted an ad at university asking for a comic artist, and when I applied they said  already got someone but knew another person who needed an artist...and I was put in touch with Tim! Although Saskia drew the original artwork I've worked hard to make them my own.

4. What comes first characters or plot?

Characters or plot? That's a hard one. In my case it's the characters, though I let Tim worry about the plot! I think with visual mediums like comics it's necessary to have cool, interesting characters. Even if the plot is great if it's boring I find it hard to get in to.

5. What's next then?

I'm still at university doing an illustration course so I have lots of work to do before I graduate! I'm always trying to improve my work so that Victoriana is the best it can be!

6. In a film of your life who would play you?

Natalie Portman is cool, or maybe Jessie Eisenberg.

Thanks George for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk to us. We wait for the first issue of Victoriana  with baited breath.


  1. Can't go wrong with steam punk. Do you ever do cons stateside?

  2. We haven't so far Mariah, we are looking to breaking into the Eurppean market thats not to say that the USA is not a traget at some stage but with more titles on the way we will be considering it, please keep in touch and we will update you on the Victoriana Issues and our other titles.