Thursday, 10 May 2012


Yes, the Bristol Comic Expo ( is this weekend and we at Corvus are ready to celebrate the launch of our new steampunk title Victoriana which will be unveiled at the show. As well as premiering two short steampunk films about Victoriana, and the chance to meet not only the author Tim Hart, our in-house steampunk wunderkind and the artist, the wonderful Georgina Greaves, there will also be a raffle for an original piece of artwork! How much more excitement can a body stand?

There is much of interest at the Expo this year including the first UK visit by the sensational IDW Publishing, the people who are responsible for the Star Trek/ Dr Who cross over series. This is truly a landmark in publishing, the meeting of two unique, long running, fully realised universes. Miss this at your peril.

When the excitement has got too much, and you feel the need to touch base with reality once more, why not wander over to our stall? We will be there all weekend and we would really like to talk to you. Not only about our peerless stable of titles but about anything and everything. And if you are coming in costume then we really would like to see you so we can post your photo on this very website next week.

So don’t be as green as a treen, come and see us this weekend in Bristol.

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