Thursday, 3 May 2012


We are launching the preview of our new steampunk series in ten days time! Yes, the Bristol Comic Expo ( is nearly upon us! I must stop writing with exclamation marks!
Victoriana is special in a number of ways, firstly because it is a unique vision of an alternate world, a world that is both familiar and very different. Secondly it is the first Corvus launch that is tied in with not one, but two short film premieres (I want to use exclamation marks here but I’ve used the week’s supply already). Thirdly it is the first work of Tim Hart, our young steampunk wunderkind, to be unveiled-but not the last.   
This story has legs, so many legs it could win a marathon. Tim has taken the conventions of steampunk, invented a memorable world that is peopled with believable characters involved in cliffhanging adventures and woven this into the jewel that is Victoriana. Miss the launch at your peril.

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