Thursday, 15 November 2012


I never knew what I was letting myself in for.

First you start writing a comic, it seems easy (it isn’t) then you proceed to find an artist (surprisingly difficult, but things all come together.) and a publisher (God smiles and shows you your Dad’s friends).

Okay, all done?

No, no you’re not. This, my dear reader is only the beginning. So one Sunday afternoon in a meeting dressed like a Victorian serial killer you’re in discussions with your editor at one of the biggest comic conventions in the UK. As you talk, the seed of an idea starts to evolve about promotion. And the Victoriana live action trailer was born.

Well the start at least, first you need these things (in no particular order).

1) Props and costume: Victorian/Steampunk era. Not massively available, but have a guy who makes this stuff for hobby (or me as he’s better known) and you’re well away. Goggles are essential to the era. Let no one tell you different. Otherwise you’re just eccentric.

2) Crew: Have people who you trust to work with you as part of a team. Friends are good for this as you will all tend to think alike. Especially when Cthulhu crotch is involved. Trust is essential.

3) Gear: Befriend people who have this. It makes life a lot easier. Especially being friends with film students.

4) Admin: You want to film in a town or city? Then you get permission and deal with the paperwork.

5) Script: This is handy, otherwise you’re on improvisation, and that doesn’t always end well. Oh yes, and prepare for it to go through many drafts. As the old adage goes ‘You end up losing the bit you love’. Thankfully it was not the case this time…

So after gathering costumes, confirming filming dates and gathering cast & crew, you can start. Well nearly, first you have to confirm the locations. You can go far in life with polite communication and an offer of a donation to charity.

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